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South Park the Stick of Truth


South Park: The Stick of Truth is a role-playing video game, based on the American animated television series South Park. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios and published by Ubisoft. The game was expected to be released sometime in 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and Microsoft Windows,[5] but was postponed to 2014, due to the shutdown of original publisher THQ[6] and numerous delays.

Similar to their duties on the TV show, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote the script for the game, oversaw the project, and provided the voices of the characters. Details about the game were revealed in early December 2011, in the Game Informer magazine South Park special, and its digital version.[7]

The Stick of Truth follows a number of video games based on the series, including three early titles South Park, South Park: Chef's Luv Shack and South Park Rally released in 1998 and 1999, and more recently South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, released in 2009, and South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, released in March 2012.[8]

The player takes control of "The New Kid", who moves to South Park with his parents after a mysterious event forced the family to move. The parents of the New Kid send him out to make friends, and soon afterward he meets Butters, who introduces him to Cartman. Cartman's backyard castle, called "The Kingdom of Kupa Keep" (also referred to as "The KKK"), houses The Stick of Truth, which his army recovered from Kyle's army two days prior. The New Kid is given the name "Douchebag" and selects a class (either "Fighter", "Mage", "Thief", or "Jew"). Soon after, the elves attack Kupa Keep and reclaim the Stick. Angry at Clyde's failure to protect the Stick, Cartman banishes him from the group. In an effort to strike back and reclaim the Stick of Truth, Cartman orders "Douchebag" to alert the best human fighters Token, Tweek, and Craig.

After successfully recruiting the three fighters, the humans learn Jimmy has the Stick at the Inn of the Giggling Donkey. The humans attack and successfully retrieve the Stick from Jimmy. That night, when the New Kid goes to sleep, he and several South Park residents are abducted by aliens. "Douchebag" manages to escape his cell on the ship and rescues Randy Marsh. In trying to escape, the New Kid causes the alien ship to crash into the South Park Mall.

In the morning, the events of the ship crash have been covered up by a secret government agency, with the explanation that a Taco Bell is being built. The New Kid visits the Kupa Keep to find that the Stick of Truth was stolen at night. Cartman tasks "Douchebag" with recruiting more humans for the cause in order to defeat the elves at the school. The New Kid attempts to convince the goth kids to join the fight, but they will not join unless the New Kid proves he is a "non-conformist" like them, and task the New Kid with posting a "Fuck the Conformists" sign at the PTA meeting in the community center. Randy, who is present, tells "Douchebag" he will help post the sign on the desk if the New Kid discovers what the new Taco Bell building actually is. The New Kid sneaks into the crash site and retrieves an audio recorder of the government organization speaking about the alien ship cover up. He also discovers that the government has also found a virus in the wreckage that turns people into Nazi Zombies. One of the infected escapes the facility, releasing the virus into South Park.

That night, Cartman leads the human group, along with the goth kids, to attack the elves at the school (or Kyle leads the elves into the school, depending on who the New Kid sides with). After defeating them, the kids learn that the defending army did not actually steal the Stick of Truth. Clyde is then revealed to have stolen the Stick of Truth and has built up his own army after being banished by Cartman from the "realms of time and space". Both humans and elves band together to stop Clyde and retrieve the Stick of Truth, but their numbers are too low to defeat Clyde in his large fortress. Overnight, an attack by The Underpants Gnomes enables the New Kid to change his size at will after defeating the magic gnome.

Desperate to defeat Clyde and regain the stick, the New Kid is ordered to ask the girls for help. The New Kid meets with the girls in their secret base, where they agree to fight for the boys if they find out which one of their friends had an abortion. He is dressed as a girl and taken to the clinic for an abortion, but instead sneaks out with doctors clothing and enters the record room. He retrieves the records for the previous week when Randy shows up, followed by agents from the secret government organization. Randy and the New Kid hide in a nearby operating room, and disguise themselves as a doctor and a patient. The agents find them, and force the New Kid to perform an abortion on Randy to prove he actually is a doctor, which he does. The New Kid tries to escape the abortion clinic but he is prevented from doing so by Khloe Kardashian's aborted fetus, which has been infected. After defeating the fetus, the New Kid returns with the abortion records to the girls, who discover they are written in French. In order to translate the records, the New Kid is sent to Canada.

The New Kid successfully crosses the border into Canada, and after completing a lengthy side quest which includes learning a new fart move from Terrance and Phillip, returns with the document translated to the girls. The girls agree to join the Elves and Men in fighting Clyde. The New Kid fights his way up the fortress to defeat Clyde and his friends. On his way to the top, the New Kid disarms a nuclear bomb inside Mr. Slave's anus. When their army reaches the top, they are confronted by the government agents who reveal the New Kid has the power to make friends, having previously had billions on Facebook. The chief agent asks for the New Kid to leave the elves and humans and join him, which he refuses. Princess Kenny betrays the group and sides with the chief agent, and the New Kid then fights the infected Princess Kenny, who automatically revives whenever he dies. Seeing no other way out, Cartman tells the New Kid to break the rule of "not farting on a person's balls", and Princess Kenny is finally defeated. As South Park rebuilds, the group retrieves the Stick of Truth, but decide that its power is too great for any person to hold and throw it into Stark's Pond. Bored of the game, the boys decide to play something else. They ask the New Kid what he wants to play. The New Kid, who hasn't said a word the entire game, speaks for the first time and tells the boys "Screw you guys, I'm going home" to which Cartman replies, "Wow, what a dick!"

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